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Learn How to grow an Engaging twitter community with Twitter Chats. A community that wants to talk to you, be your brand ambassador and promote your products, meanwhile helping you to grow a stronger social media presence. Get access to class and any content upgrades, checklists, or templates. For only $19.00

  • How to get great engagement on Twitter without being online 24/7

  • The best practices to get someone to talk to you on twitter, What to tweet during a twitter chat,

  • The different ways to Retweet and quote a tweet; Gif etiquette: using images to communicate context.

  • How to grow your following organically with twitter chats

  • What twitter chat mistakes to avoid during a twitter chat

  • Tips for starting your own Twitter chat

  • Twitter chat Tools to use

  • In-course discussion is open for on-demand Q&A

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Twitter Chat Masterclass

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